Collector’s Cabinet

ChrisBradleyPhotographyCollector’s Cabinet
Saturday, January 24 – Sunday, March 29, 2015

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This will be the first of a series showcasing extraordinary objects in private collections with captions written in the words of the collectors. The exhibition features a two-faced kitten by Victorian taxidermist Walter Potter (collection of Carol Holzner); an anthropomorphic taxidermy tableau once exhibited at Cress Funeral Home from the collection of Mike Zohn of TV’s Oddities; an exploded (or “Beauchene”) human skeleton prepared by Ryan Cohn (TV’s Oddities);” Original Weimar erotica belonging to Mel Gordon, author of Voluptuous Panic; a Victorian scrap book filled with human hair from ephemera collector David Freund; a pre-1800 wax memento mori figurine depicting a decaying corpse crawling with vermin from the collection of Evan Michelson (Oddities); A pair of rare Rowland Ward zoomorphic candlesticks from an anonymous collection; A copy of Physica Sacra which once belonged to an 18th century prime minister of Denmark from the collection of Morbid Anatomy Board Chair Tracy Hurly Martin; a human tattoo in a jar from Daniel and Sommer Santoro of Black Gold; Spirit photos from Brandon Hodge of Mysterious Planchette and a 19th century phrenological death mask from The Morbid Anatomy Museum permanent collection; 19th century ceramic danse macabre figurines from “Collector of Death” Richard Harris; and much more!

FULL LIST OF COLLECTORS: Matthew Alfano, Karen Bachmann, Laetitia Barbier, Jennifer Butkevich, Catherine Crawford, Mark Dion, Rory Feldman, David Freund, Mel Gordon, Richard Harris, Brandon Hodge, Carol Holzner, Tracy Hurley Martin, Jeffrey Jenkins, Tim Kern, Dr. Robert Lerch, William “Billy” Leroy, Ryan Mathew Cohn, Evan Michelson, Peter N. Névramount, Rebecca Purcell, Daniel and Sommer Santoro, Ronni Thomas, David Wolin, Mike Zohn, and the Anonymous Whimsical Victoriana Collector.

Curator: Joanna Ebenstein; Assistant Curator: Laetitia Barbier; Exhibition Coordinator and Fabricator: Aaron Beebe; Brenna Pladsen: Administrative Assistant