Walter Potter: The Man Who Married Kittens


Walter Potter: The Man Who Married Kittens
20 Minutes; 2014.

A Morbid Anatomy film, directed and written by Morbid Anatomy Film Maker in Residence Ronni Thomas,  directed and written by our filmmaker in residence Ronni Thomas, creator and director of The Midnight Archive.

This film takes a short documentary look at one of Victorian England’s most enigmatic and quirky characters, self taught taxidermist Walter Potter, still famous today for his epic anthropomorphic taxidermy tableaux, in which he posed stuffed kittens, birds, squirrels and and rabbits into such scenes as kitten weddings and the rabbit schoolhouses. Potter displayed his creations in his own museum in rural England where it attracted enthusiastic visitors for over a hundred years until the collection’s unfortunate separation in 2003. While largely about the man and his creations, the film also takes a look at the obsessive nature of collecting, as well as the controversial history of stuffing dead animals.

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